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  • Case Studies

Case Studies

Following is a list of various services and solutions that we extended to our clients. We utilize our associates’ competency where necessary to ensure that we deliver services to the highest satisfaction of our customers.

Project 1

Built on the salesforce.com platform, the tool has various hosted applications that are integrated with other cloud-based applications that meet most SMEs software application needs.

Device: iPod Touch
Application controls Skype running on the desktop.
  • Monitor Calls - Which line is ringing etc.
  • Answer Calls - own calls or any other extension
  • Transfer Calls - to another extension
  • Transfer Calls - to another extension
  • See incoming caller information (caller info retrieved from CRM system)

Project 2

This is a service that allows users to manage and invoice their clients. This application extends web application functionality to the Android platform.

Device: Android
Application features, functionality:
  • Clients can be invoiced immediately after the service is performed
  • View client list and details of each client, unbilled amount, charges for each client
  • View list and details of each unbilled charge. Create and edit unbilled charges. Select and invoice
  • Select one or more unbilled charges for a client and invoice them with a single touch using default
  • Invoice settings

Project 3

This is a search tool for finding people or friends. Based on some of the search criteria as below, the application helps in getting suitable result
  • Your friends?
  • People with similar interests?
  • Celebrities?
  • Your favorite musician / author / sports star / politician ?
  • Professionals of a particular domain?
You can provide a name, email, location or a tag and get the people that match the criteria. You can also use the advanced search feature to restrict the results.

Project 4

The application, customizable for either I-Phone or Android, lets you quickly create shopping lists for groceries. You can maintain multiple lists for different occasions. While you are out shopping, you can check off the ones you already purchased.

The application comes with a pre-built list of across various categories. You can choose the items to define your groceries list. Apart from a comprehensive database of items, you can also define your own items if you don't find it in our list. The application also lets you choose the quantity for each item. You can email the pending grocery items to yourself or others.

Project 5

It is a simple application for iPhone and iPod Touch to manage your pending tasks. This application lets you quickly add or edit To Do items along with the description. It also allows to mark the finished items. One can email the list too.

Virtual Dressing Room

Virtual Dressing Room is an independent application, which is also customized to go as a Facebook application. Using this application, user can dress virtually with fashion clothing apparels and other personal fashion accessories such as handbag, watches, glasses and more. Upon generating an apt attire/avatar, the user can save the avatar and publish it to the facebook wall or upload to any other application of interest.

Jewelry Management Solution

Our RFID solution, implemented at multiple Jewelry stores helps the end user to perform various aspects of business including:
  • Daily Stock Reconciliation
  • Integrated Billing
  • Anti Theft
  • Material Tracking