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3 May

Store Management through RFID Solution

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In manufacturing units it’s common to see workers using specialized tools and equipments to perform their daily responsibilities. However, as the tools & equipment are getting costlier their management poses a serious concern to the company.

Each worker collects his tools from store to start working and deposits them back to the store while leaving for the day. Misplacement, theft, damage and a host of other concerns make it indispensible for the company to organize their store through a more modern technique.

Traditional methods of tracking and tracing tools are ill-equipped to deal with the dynamics of fast-changing industrial atmosphere. Today, when we have 24 hours working units, it’s only logical that a 24 hour access to workers should also be provided. Without human involvement (through an operator etc.) it’s necessary to provide 24 hour tools access to workers while recording the transactions at the same time.

Equip workers with RFID based ID cards and access to storeroom is enabled only to the authorized. Also, all the tools are RFID tagged. The readers placed at the storeroom gate/door identify the personnel and also the tools that he picks up from the storeroom. The two are linked together and therefore the personnel are accountable for the tools until he returns them. At the end of one’s working hours, the worker deposits his tools and this movement is noted by the reader at the gate. Once returned, that worker is no longer associated with those tools.

To tackle the problem of tagging certain items that are difficult to tag, we could use a package that’s tagged. The tools can be collected in the package (bag) and they are already enlisted in the software. So when the package movement is detected, the tools inside are known too.

The advantages from using this solution are numerous. The human resource to manage the tools distribution & collection process is unnecessary. The workers show greater commitment to handover their tools back at the end of day as they can be held accountable for any subsequent loss. Searching for misplaced assets is all the more simpler due to the weeding technique of the RFID Reader where the reader its fed with missing RFID tag data and it keeps searching till the match is found.

Avid Software Solutions is fully-equipped to track and trace your tools/equipment using RFID technology. We have a dedicated software development wing that deals with customizing this solution to meet your specific requirements. Our solution helps you be firmly in control of the tools-movement in your plant, overcome budgetary concerns and streamline operations.

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