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9 May

RFID vs. Barcode: Comparison

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As a company providing track and trace solutions, we often encounter our clients confusing between RFID and Barcode Solutions. Though both are similar technologies, their sophistication differs. And so does their use.

Let us briefly compare these technologies:



Rate of Reading Multiple tags can be read simultaneously Can be read one at a time only.
Line of Sight As long as items are in read range, this is not required Required, also the items need to be oriented well to be read.
Human Involvement Automated system. Least involvement Requires large number of humans to manually scan each tag.
Read/ Write Besides reading, can write info on the chip and modify it. Only reading enabled.
Durability Can be internally placed, and weather resistant tags can be made Delicate. Small damage could deactivate it
Security Hard to duplicate. Data is protected by encryption, password or can be deleted permanently. Easier to reproduce.
Event Trigger Capable of triggering events automatically upon reception of signal. Not possible.


One can observe that technologically, RFID is superior. However, that shouldn’t be interpreted to mean that RFID is better than Barcode in all business circumstances.

In fact, Avid Software Solutions studies the exact requirement of clients and after analyzing them only, it recommends either of the technologies.

For small retailers or those with limited budget, barcode functions equally well. Certain businesses are low-scale but labour intensive. Such businesses could employ their existing staff’s skills in manually scanning items.

RFID though superior isn’t required in all circumstances. Just like you don’t need a helicopter to reach your office few miles away! So depending your specific requirements, a Barcode Solution is effective especially when there are budgetary concerns.


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