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16 May

RFID Library Management Solution

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Though educational institutes are equipped with libraries, most function in the traditional book-keeping system. With expenses of quality books increasing, the library management team is compelled to provide a better security system that efficiently manages library’s activities and contains the possibility of theft effectively.

Using RFID technology, the infrastructure of the library together with its books can be protected from misuse, damage and theft. Such a powerful system itself acts as a strong deterrent against such activities.

RFID tags with memory are embedded to the books and powerful RFID Readers are placed at the doorway of the library. The tag contains related information on book and associates it with the student has taken it along with date & time.

The association is done manually at reception if only books are RFID tagged. But, this is a huge improvement from typing the details painstaking into the computer. All the operator at reception needs to do is to let the RFID Reader read the tagged book and associate it with the student.

But as focus on infrastructure makes more sense in branding of these educational institutes which would like to project a highly sophisticated image we can look forward to more automation. We are witnessing increased use of RFID in student ID cards as it facilitates automatic attendance recording and provides more authenticity.

Integrating the RFID based ID Card with Library Management System leads to a more sophisticated system. The student can simply take a book with him and move out of the library without any human intervention. The RFID Reader strategically placed at the doorway would read the ID Card and tagged book and link them together automatically along with date and time of taking.

Thus, without human involvement a student can enter the library and can leave along with his book without having to undergo any formal procedures. And the process is foolproof which improves accountability as it minimizes shortcomings resulting from manual input.

Avid Software Solutions has implemented Track and Trace Solutions to diverse requirements and our experience is handy in providing you a comprehensive solution that meets all needs – software development, hardware deployment and solution implementation. Alongside we also help in integrating legacy systems which results in use of existing data and proper migration to new system.

Avid’s Library Management System is a product of our commitment to deliver highly innovative Track and Trace Solutions that improvise automatic identification, authentication and data-capture.

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