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13 Feb

RFID helps in hassle-free travel experience

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Imagine a scenario where self-service bags drop but there are no check-in desks. The travelers’ passage is seamless if you could excuse the discrete Near Field Communication (NFC) sensors working as an undercurrent.

Let us also conveniently imagine that our smartphones would be well-equipped to be NFC-enabled. All you need to you is to showcase your smartphone at a touchpoint ! One’s biometric information could be picked up by surveillance cameras thereby ensuring that there is no need to queue up and show that you pose no security threat.

Sounds a figment of technological fantasy? Well, few technologists claim that if their ideas are implemented universally, this could as well put an end of pains & botheration of mass tourism. Several areas of travel would be improve through technology for holidaymakers in the near future.

Here’s more! An automated system that interacts with handheld devices are in final stages are in trial stage in Australia where flyer cards with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to help streamline the luggage tagging process. With luggage being electronically tagged we can track our bags as we travel.

Thus technology will render paperwork unnecessary at railway stations, airports and in quick succession guides and travel books would also become paperless.

So the next time you travel your pleasure would be complete without the ‘necessary evil’ of security measures thrust upon you. Also, this provides a more intelligent method to tackle security threats than traditional means.

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