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14 Apr

Asset Tracking in Manufacturing Facility: RFID to the rescue

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Manufacturing plants have a huge number of valuable assets which are by and large at the disposal of a large number of employees. While access to these assets is part and parcel of employees’ work, that doesn’t come without its share of problems. Misplacement, theft or purposeful damage can cost a lot to company and traditional means of asset tracking cannot help you in such a tight situation.

RFID helps combat this delicate situation of retaining employee dignity while overseeing all asset movements diligently with flourish. Coupled with software that manages every aspect of this tracking process, the managers can rest assured of streamlined operation. Moreover, related assets can be linked together and to form relations.

Ranging from corporate assets like stationery, computers, documents etc. from industrial products like equipment, machinery, machine parts etc. – all important assets can be tagged and tracked.

A good software development partner can help you create various access-levels depending on the profile of the user. Thus a clerk will have limited access compared to the manager whose access is better. An admin user would be monitoring them all and helping them sort various issues.

One could generate reports based on various parameters and analyze them to take a stock of the situation. For the actual stock reconciliation process a handheld RFID reader is better positioned to assist us. The data stored in the handheld is transferred to the system through WiFi or Bluetooth technology. Once in system, the data is uploaded to the central server.

Details of personnel writing data is recorded too, enabling greater accountability. Combined with best RFID products and customized software developed to meet specific requirements, this RFID based Asset Management Solution can work wonders with your business efficiency and helps you cope up with dynamic and challenging environment of manufacturing facility.

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