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25 Mar

Animal Tracking : Go the RFID way

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One area where RFID technology is finding increased use is animal tracking. With more focus on animals’ health and environment, the business owners are keen to upgrade themselves and present a more sophisticated picture of their animal breeding techniques to their prospective customers.

A wide range of RFID tags have been specifically developed to cater to this segment. We have moderate-sized chips that can be clipped to animal’s ears, a ring tag that could be tied to legs of birds (poultry), or small needle-like structures that can be embedded to the animal’s interior body without harming them.

These innovative shapes gel well with the animal and far from appearing like an attachment, they are integrated to the body and do not hinder the animal’s movement or cause any inconvenience.  Thus, RFID Readers placed strategically take cognizance of animal movement and automatically recorded them. The animal-movement is monitored at every single instance and discrepancy if any is reported through an alert.

Apparently, technological advancement in this area enables storing animal data like medical history etc into the chip. So the next time you call a vet, all he needs to do is to check the RFID tag and retrieve its memory. Based on its medical history, one could decide further course of action quickly on informed grounds.

And it doesn’t here. Once meat is processed from these animals, it needs to be systematically arranged and preserved in cold storage till it’s purchased by the wholesaler. RFID tagging these food resources helps in better management and tracking resulting in better organization and operational efficiency. The tags are immensely useful in tracking during movement in the supply chain cycle.


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