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3 Jul

RFID Blocking Wallet

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While Avid Software Solutions evangelizes RFID for the various benefits it offers, we are also aware of the possible misuse of this technology. It’s not okay if the technological aspect of any product is hugely advanced, or the customer-benefit highly pronounced – for all this experience can vapourize into thin air if adequate security isn’t provided.

While RFID itself is used for secure-access, considering its use in credit cards (where money is involved) it wouldn’t be untimely to shield oneself against credit card data-theft which can lead to disastrous consequences.

No, I am not talking of some possibility in remote future. The concern is as immediate as one can get. While even snatching your wallet has plenty of problems for the wrong-doer, this new kind of crime would be left undetected for a while.

The universal use of RFID is undeniable – Credit card companies and governments are embedding RFID chips in your cards and identification. This happens sometimes without your knowledge. The invisible radio waves being emitted by your credit card in your wallet can be picked up by a well-equipped laptop, recorded and soon duplicated into a cloned card.

Lo and behold, he can use your credit card and shop on your account. Or using some imagination, Hollywood-style, your corporate ID card is cloned and another person accesses your office’s confidential data.

Many smart marketers have envisaged such scenario and have come up with a highly innovative technique. Instead of using some foil or blocker for your pants, they have come up with a RFID Blocking Wallet. This wallet insulates & isolates the inner RFID chips and blocks all waves.

Now we can prevent electronic pickpocketing by using RFID blocking wallets, sleeves and badge holders. Such wallets prevent electronic pickpocketing, identity theft, and payment fraud by blocking the personal information being broadcast by radio waves from your credit cards, passports, and other ID cards.

We should be alert for while the latest track and trace technologies have improved our efficiency, they could be easily misused by fraudsters.

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