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2 Jan

GPS-RFID : A unique blend of technologies !

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The future of any technology depends on its widespread use cutting across market verticals. It’s no surprise that the use of RFID has increased manifold recently.

It’s most innovative use comes from blending of RFID with GPS technology leading to superior tracking and identification. And the chief beneficiary of this blend is logistics and transportation industry.

The losses incurred due to merchandise theft, inefficient routing of vehicles and unprofessional practices of drivers can now be tackled effective through use of superior technology.The relatively less costs involved in installing this technology and the high ROI ensure that no company, big or small, can resist the temptation of using this.

This combination of RFID and GPS technology enables you to keep track of your vehicles and the merchandise within them from your office.  Using navigation maps, you can track the movement of your vehicles and guide them towards more efficient routes thereby reducing fuel costs. In case of a vehicle breakdown, you can ask another vehicle nearby to relieve it of its duty by safely shifting its merchandise.

You can also keep your customer posted of present location of vehicle and expected time of delivery. The merchandise, enabled with RFID tags, can be examined in one stroke by installing a RFID reader at strategic locations.

And ROI ? The paperwork involved in maintenance of merchandise, recording the no. of kms during journeys can be automated through use of this combination. This will help in accurate recording of all official data and will eliminate errors creeping in due to human intervention.

GPS facilities these days are very superior, to the point of noting temperature, automatic cooling and the owner can also stop fuel supply remotely thereby checking unauthorized journeys.

Using this technology will help you improve efficiency, minimize fuel consumption, satisfy customers and monitor your staff effectively.




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